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Sergei and Fedor Fedorov injured

Sergei and Fedor Fedorov injured

Sergei and Fedor Fedorov injured (Photo © RIA Novosti/Ilya Pitlaev)

“During the pause due to the Czech phase of the Euro Hockey Tour, both my sons visited me in Detroit” – told Viktor Fedorov to Sport Express.
“Fedor got some problems with his health, he played many games in Magnitogorsk with a pain in the knee. And the doctors in Detroit discovered a fracture in his knee, the one who was already operated. On the first day he could only walk with crutches, but now he can walk alone, even if the situation is far from being perfect. But probably he’ll be in Magnitogorsk already on Saturday and he’ll carry on the treatments there.
He wants to come back to the normality as quickly as possible in order to help their team which is going through a crisis, even if I fear that he won’t be able to return before of several weeks from now”.
When asked about Sergei, he replied that “once he returned back in Russia, he started suffering from back aches.
But the situation is getting right, he will restart playing in the next few days”. Both Fedorov brothers aren’t playing up to the expectations: Fedor scored 6 points in 19 matches, while Sergei scored 13 in 23.

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