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Russian Hockey Poetry

When you think of hockey, how often do you think of modern poetry? This fan wrote a heartbreaking poem about the current state of the Russian national team, lamenting both the good old times when the Soviet Red Machine dominated the field and targeting with sardonic criticism the players and the coaches alike. The work is so touching we translated it to go over the main points here as a reminder that true fandom can extend into every part of our lives.

Russian Hockey Poetry

We were once the most beautiful of all,
But now we consistently lie in the muck.
Rotenbergs have made us a laughingstock,
Imprisoning the glory of past years.
But hustlers, well, what do you expect?
Born as pygmies, and they’ll die the same.
But you, comrade, great Russian,
Why aren’t you cool like Kharlamov himself?

You’ve got an NHL dream contract,
You indulge in Miami with whores to your heart’s content,
So why the hell can’t you
Hit the goal from two meters, you idiot?
On the rink, any Canadian is like a lion,
You’re a kitten, yet you want gold.
Why, when you wear Russia’s colors,
Don’t you rush to burn out on the ice, you bastard?

Look at Vasy when you,
Suddenly think you’re a star:
Carrying the team in the playoffs on his back –
That’s passion conquering cities.
But looking at you, my soul aches.
Hey, referee! Don’t forgive these clowns:
In any doubt, call a penalty shot,
At the slightest reason – send them off!

The poem was written back in 2021, but the suggestion to “Look at Vasy” remains strong as ever: one of the key reasons why Tampa Bay has two Stanley Cups, Andrei Vasilevskiy in his top form is a sight to see for all Russian hockey fans. Enjoy!

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