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Top 5 Health Benefits of Hockey

Grabbing the stick and heading to the rink with a brimming rush of adrenaline for a game of hockey is a feeling not many may have experienced. The duration of a daunting hockey game is made to be laced with dread because of fistfights, body checks, and missing teeth. Who would want to sign up for a game that causes such damage? Although hockey could end you in trouble with some sudden harmful health impacts, you will gain more than you could lose.

It is only occasionally or very rarely that games turn out to be battlefields or an accident spot. You need to look beyond these aspects of playing hockey to reap the benefits of the sport. If you have been a fan of the games and tournaments and want to try the sport out on the massive rinks, buy a stick, a puck, and safety gear before you get started with your training. Here are some of the health benefits of hockey.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Hockey

Burns Fat and Calories

Energy us sucked out of you throughout the game. The fast pace requires you to move with great speed across the rink. A huge number of calories and fats are burnt as you run behind the puck. Around 0.061 calories are burnt every round per minute by each player. This would amount to a total of calories that your body doesn’t need to survive.

Stronger Cardiovascular System

Since you require great strength and energy to play hockey, your body will be under pressure as you run across the rink. This can help in the development of your cardiovascular system, thereby improving the supply of oxygen to your muscles. Breathing and cellular activity also improve when a sufficient amount of oxygen is pumped within your body.

Boosts Metabolism

Fast skating is broken by intervals of rest, which gives your heart health the much-needed normal heartbeat rate. This on-and-off nature of the game lets you enjoy the cardio benefits in their best forms. High-intensity interval training works like this, helping burn more calories over the available minutes of play.

Full Body Workout

Hockey is one of the best sports that helps develop the hamstrings, hip flexor muscles, and calves. The endurance of shoulder muscles, forearms, and triceps also developers as you play hockey. In a nutshell, hockey is a sport that provides you a full-body workout as well as an adrenaline rush.

Better Muscular Strength

The risk of injury can be reduced when you gain enhanced muscular strength from hockey. It also helps build bone strength, connective tissues, and muscle mass. A healthier, stronger body is contributed by the activities you engage in when playing hockey.

Great Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing hockey will help improve the coordination between hands and the eyes. By practicing the sport, you can improve spontaneous responses and reactions. Coordination abilities, agility, and hand-eye reflexes also improve as you keep practicing.

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