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Martin Gerber’s Injury Not So Serious

Swiss goalie Martin Gerber, who was hospitalized yesterday with a neck injury, underwent advanced examination Monday morning. Fortunately it didn’t confirm the preliminary diagnosis “compression fracture of the fourth cervical vertebra”. According to the new information Gerber has spinal contusion and recovering will take weeks, not months.

“When Gerber was delivered to the Podolsk hospital he underwent examination that didn’t show any fractures. Monday morning computed tomography confirmed there was no fracture but rather a spinal contusion,” said Atlant’s doctor Andrei Bagdasaryan to Sovetskiy Sport.

“According to the doctors, Gerber’s recovering will take weeks and not months. Thus there is no need in searching for a new goalie. However, this is not 100% clear,” said KHL Atlant’s GM Andrei Verevko to Sovetskiy Sport.

According to the official Atlant website Gerber will be back in 2-3 weeks. It means he will be able to play for Switzerland at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Finally there is a video of the episode.

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