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Jaromir Jagr: “I would like to stay in Omsk”

Jaromir Jagr:

Jaromir Jagr: “I would like to stay in Omsk” (Photo ©

During an interview with Sovietskiy Sport Jaromir Jagr declared that he would like to spend another season with Avangard Omsk.

Jaromir Jagr: “I really love Omsk and its inhabitants, their character. Maybe it’s strange to hear this from a Czech, and they won’t believe me. But I like everything here. I would like to stay in Russia, but I want to get something serious next year. My career will be over soon and thus I can’t waste my chances. I wanted to win something with Avangard, but we couldn’t.

This is my fault too. I never blame others. I’ve always hoped that if I would be playing well, then also other players would perform better. I’m not looking for other teams now. I would like to stay in Avangard, but it’s not up to me only. I still don’t know about my future. I believe that God will help me in getting another chance.

I don’t think about the money, that’s for my agent. But I will understand if Avangard will reduce its budget. We didn’t play like we should. Who can pay big salaries to players which don’t give results on ice?”

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