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World Championship – Semyon Varlamov: “Perry wanted to injure Ovechkin”

Semyon Varlamov:

Semyon Varlamov: “Perry wanted to injure Ovechkin” (Photo © Sovsport.ru)

After the 5-2 win in the 2010 World Championship’s quarterfinals, goalie Semyon Varlamov gave an interview to Russian sport website Sovietskiy Sport.

Semyon Varlamov: “In the first ten minutes Team Canada always plays very actively. They created some moments. But they didn’t manage to score, I don’t know why.”

Don’t be so modest!

Semyon Varlamov: “In a couple of chances they simply didn’t have room. I’m not saying that they brought a bad team here. Canada can beat anyone with any roster. But this time we were better.”

Did you see that in the second period Brooks Laich slashed Ovechkin from behind? And he’s a Caps player too!

Semyon Varlamov: “In general Team Canada played very roughly. When the score was 3-0 [Corey] Perry slashed Sasha [Ovechkin] from behind. That was really dirty. I’m sure that Perry did want to injure him.”


Semyon Varlamov: “So that he couldn’t play again in the tournament.”

That’s mean.

Semyon Varlamov: “Agreed. But in Team Canada there are two players like that. Perry and [Steve] Downie. And the second one really confirms his surname. You know what I mean. He behaved shamefully.”

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