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Anton Volchenkov: “I’m not planning a trip to Germany”

Anton Volchenkov:

Anton Volchenkov: “I’m not planning a trip to Germany” (Photo © Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)

During an interview with Russian popular newspaper Sovietskiy Sport, Ottawa Senators‘ defenseman Anton Volchenkov won’t go to the upcoming 2010 World Championship in Germany. The 28 years old would be free as his Senators just lost the first round NHL playoffs series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Anton Volchenkov: “Now I’m not planning of doing the trip to Germany to play on the World Championship. I need some rehabilitation. There are some problems with my health. I will discuss about this with National Team’s head coach Vyacheslav Bykov.”

CSKA Moscow forward Denis Parshin has been cut from the National Team camp for the upcoming LG Hockey Games in Sweden, Euro Hockey Tour.


  • John

    I haven’t heard anything previously about the need for rehabilitation. To my knowledge, his health issues didn’t prevent him from playing in every playoff game for the Senators. Forgive me if I am being unfair to Volchenkov, but this has so often been the excuse used in the past when players are tired after a long season, and just don’t want to make the effort to play for their country. If he in fact needs rehabilitation, I hope it goes well.
    Volchenkov is a tough player, who hits hard and blocks a lot of shots, but his slow skating speed proved to be a liability in the Olympics, especially against Canada, when he got beaten to the outside several times, a couple of times resulting in goals. His absence alone shouldn’t effect Russia’s prospects in the World Championships

  • Igor

    He is playing without a contract. That is why he wants to stay fresh for free agency. He has never really made an impact on Team Russia, so we can do without him. Last time I checked, I believe Kulikov is playing, he is an all-round defnceman

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