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Announcing Russian Prospect.com

Announcing Russian Prospect.com

Announcing Russian Prospect.com (Photo © Getty Images)

We have started a new site dedicated to Russian prospects, RussianProspect.com.

We have compiled a list of Top Russians for the upcoming draft along with players’ profiles (History, Talent Analysis and Future).

1. , 9D
2. , 8.5B
3. , 8.5B
4. , 8.5C
5. , 8B
6. , 8C
7. , 7.5B
8. , 7.5C
9. , 7C
10. , 7C
11. Nikita Gusev, 7D

For now the site has profiles for the top Russian players available for the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, but during the summer the site will be upgraded and it will have profiles of older and younger players, news, interviews and more scout reports, to give our readers the best coverage of Russian prospects available on the internet. The “Prospects” section of Russian Hockey Fans will be shut down.

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