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Alexander Avtsin: “For now I’m a Dynamo player”

Alexander Avtsin:

Alexander Avtsin: “For now I’m a Dynamo player” (Photo © Sport Express)

The latest winner of the Rookie of the week award, Alexander Avtsin, during an interview published on KHL official site, talked about his first goals in pro hockey, about the upcoming WJC and about his plans for the next season. offers you a translation:

Q: Alexander, you’ve been awarded with rookie of the week honors. You started playing successfully only midway through December, while at the start of the season there were a lot of expectations on you
Avtsin: “The season isn’t over yet, we are only at its middle. We only need to go on till the end, win as much games as possible and fight to get the best results. I’m really satisfied for the award. Getting into pro hockey wasn’t an easy deal. Someone adapts quickly, someone else a little bit more slowly. I wasn’t successful since the very start, but gradually the situation is going upside down.”

How did you like scoring your first goal in pro hockey?
Avtsin: “That was an incredible feeling. I’ll remember this for my whole life. Both the goal itself and its celebration. Unforgettable. The guys asked to the ref that puck and Jiri Hudler grabbed it for me. Now it lays at home, as a memory.”

And what about the goal you scored against SKA? That was the game winning goal.
Avtsin: “I was already much quieter. Sure, SKA is a big team, scoring to them was great.”

How did your mood change since the start of your hot streak?.
Avtsin: “Scoring goals and points is always great. The important thing is not to stop and keep on working.”

Is there much concurrency between young players to get a spot on the main team?
Avtsin: “In addition to Nikita Dvurechensky there are many other good players. Roman Vasiliev, Pavel Zotov, Dmitry Goldenkov, Dmitry Lugin, I can’t name them all. We are friends, we always mix up.”

Are you disappointed not to be called for the WJC?
Avtsin: “I really wanted to get there, that is a great tournament. The more so because team Russia is always aiming to a top-3 position, at least. It is how it is. If you don’t get called, then you must not stop and keep on working. The coach felt like he needed other players, I’m not offended.”

What prospects do you have for the next season? Is it possible that you’ll try to get into one of North American junior leagues?
Avtsin: “I haven’t thought that far yet. We’ll see. I’m a Dynamo player for now, and all is good.”

With whom is more comfortable to play for you?
Avtsin: “I’ve already managed to play with some quality partners: Ivan Nepryaev, Denis Tolpeko, Dmitry Shitikov, Anton Krysanov. It’s hard to pick up one only. They all help and give good suggestions. In St. Petersburg I scored after a pass by Vadim Epanchintsev. I just had to put the puck into the empty net. We have a lot of great players in our team, and playing with them is a pleasure.”

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